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If you think self-publishing is easy, it's not. And if you want to know how self-publishing is not an easy task, this article on 3 surprising facts about self-publishing should answer some of your questions.

In all honesty, self-publishing a book is certainly a process. There's a reason big-name book publishers last so long - make a profit - because they do a lot of work to get a manuscript published - even if you self-publish through them - or they publish their own books. You do all the creative stuff, but the publishing company – which helps you self-publish your book does all it takes to get your manuscript published – with all the professionalism of the profession – They do most of the work. the rest of the hard work.

All like that! And whether you know it or not – an agency that solves the problem of self-publishing books for the market (such as Royal Books Company – Royal Book Company) will be the one to do a lot of the work for you – before Your book goes to market.

I will not discuss that - the difficulties that the unit that helps Authors to self-publish books must do. Instead, I'll talk about the benefits you'll get if you have a successful self-publishing book. It's not just your work – it's your brainchild, to be exact – but all the words need to be about the book – “brainchild”.

And believe me – no matter what – deciding to self-publish your book is hard work – even if you have long wanted to self-publish – find a reputable agency. in this publishing industry is also not easy. Fortunately, you can find a unit to help you self-publish a successful book - that is Royal Books - which has helped more than 200 successful self-published Authors - from from leading experts in the field of speech such as Speaker Francis Hung – to leading experts in the field of real estate – training – and a variety of other fields.


Fect 1: You'll Be a Self-Published Author – with a tech savvy

A lot of the tech-related things you need to do while self-publishing a book. You will have to:

+ Write a book (using technology of course)

+ Format the book you write

+ Book cover design

+ Combine them into a complete book

+ Apply for a license to publish - edit - edit - layout - proofread

+ Launch a book marketing plan with many ideas

+ And dozens of other technology related things!

And if being a self-published Author is the joy of many people, being tech-savvy is not an easy thing to swallow. And here's what you need to go through – before you can self-publish!

Self-publishing a book involves a number of different technical capabilities (both software and hardware) that you may not be aware of before starting this process.

And since you are responsible for your own self-publishing – you need to learn about the entire book publishing process with all of these technical factors involved. Fortunately, you can't do that – if you're looking for a professional book publisher that can help you self-publish your book – without too much work (Royal Books – Co. The Royal Book is one such unit).

Being able to take the leap – overcoming many obstacles and achieving results beyond your expectations – self-publishing successfully with an improved book publishing process – is that leap. Let the leading experts in self-publishing do the work for you – let the unexpected things you want get done.

Fact 2: Self-publishing books gives you a great source of income (and passive income)


People often think of the world of writers – a world of book writers in which “the bills” are chasing them and they don’t achieve a high quality of life with a high income.

In fact, with the support of technology - especially the Internet with Internet Marketing, writers really have a very rich source of income.

The reality is, not everyone will reap the financial benefits of self-publishing books – but if you pursue it as a long-term career – self-publishing has proven itself to be a source of income. High income – is a source of passive income that can completely help you live a good life.

But instead of Authors (who are new to the profession) using a program of action that can help them never fail – and have the big mindset to shine in the light of success – they go to work every day. story. This leads to a large number of self-published Authors failing. And they give up in this extremely potential industry: Self-publishing books!

So how can you find a successful self-publishing solution that completely minimizes the risks right from the start. Royal Books – The Royal Book Company with an innovative book publishing process solution that can help you focus 100% of your work on the main things – book marketing – so you can successfully self-publish your book – is the unit you need to search for so long!

Remember: When you self-publish – You are the Publisher – You get 100% of the profits on your self-published book – and that's why self-publishing works for you. high income.


Fact 3: You will learn a lot about yourself on the way to self-publishing

This is especially true if you're writing a work of non-fiction, but it also makes sense for fiction writers. Self-publishing a book requires a lot of work as well as your time – it is not an easy job – especially when it comes to thinking jobs, there is no easy job. Self-publishing a book is a business that involves a lot of thinking – so it is not an easy job. In return, in the process of self-publishing books – you will learn a lot about yourself – your limits and how to overcome them.

Writing a book takes a lot of experience, value, and content that makes sense for the reader (and for you). That means you have to dig deep into your psyche – discover yourself – discover your inner core. And if you're writing a memoir - it's best to prepare these - things about yourself so that you get to know yourself.8

It's a bit profound, but if you do – then you'll discover yourself on the path to self-publishing.

And reality: Self-publishing isn't all about writing (and writing). Books are knowledge-experience-information-skill-and more ideologies than your writing, and if you delve into them-you will discover yourself more deeply.

Self-publishing a book takes a lot of personal motivation, ambition, and determination. It's a challenge and whenever we step into a challenge in life, we learn a lot about ourselves. Self-publishing is such a challenge in your life!

Self-Publishing – Through a journey of writing, editing, rewriting, marketing and self-publishing, you can find out more than you know about yourself – who you are and what you want out of life .

And that's the value of self-publishing.

If you want to self-publish your book - Contact now: Tran Trung Kien - Author - Author Advisor - Hotline: 0902467524 - Email: trantrungkien@danhnhan.net -Website: www.trantrungkien.com - Someone who will help you

Successful book publishing on every word.